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Whatโ€™s my ring size?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Shopping online can be so difficult! Especially for those of us with a serious crush on rings (sounds nothing like me ๐Ÿ˜‰). So this post is all about answering this all-important question as best we can, so you can be 100% sure youโ€™re getting the ring thatโ€™s exactly the right fit for you.

Things you need to know:

  • So hereโ€™s a fun fact: the size of the fingers on your left hand is not always the same as those on your right.

  • The size may also change with the seasons. For example, you may find your finger is wider in the summer, and more narrow in the winter.

  • If you are buying a gift for someone and donโ€™t know their ring size is โ€“ donโ€™t fret. Take a quick peak section 5 below for help.

Getting started!

Decide which finger youโ€™re going to measure. Now what?

1. Cut out a narrow strip of paper

2. Wrap it around your finger, and use a marker to mark the circumference of your finger

3. Compare the mark on the paper to a ruler to check the length in mm

4. We recommend gluing the edges of the paper together to simulate a ring, just to make sure it fits comfortably: not too tight or too loose.

5. If youโ€™re buying a ring for someone else (then you are a great friend!), you can also use one of their rings to measure its inner diameter, ie the distance from one end to the other. It's quicker than asking your friend to try the paper ring technique ๐Ÿ˜‰ Take a peek at the example provided in the slider just below.


All the rings on our site are classified according to North American sizes (US / CA), so if youโ€™re not sure what your size is, please see more details here.

  • Size 3 Inner circumference 44.5 mm // inner diameter 14.1 mm

  • Size 3.5 Inner circumference 45.2 mm // inner diameter 14.5 mm

  • Size 4 Inner circumference 46.5 mm // inner diameter 14.9 mm

  • Size 4.5 Inner circumference 49.6 mm // inner diameter 15.3 mm

  • Size 5 Inner circumference 49.2 mm // inner diameter 15.7 mm

  • Size 5.5 Inner circumference 50.8 mm // inner diameter 16.1 mm

  • Size 6 Inner circumference 52.4 mm // inner diameter 16.5 mm

  • Size 6.5 Inner circumference 53.2 mm // inner diameter 16.9 mm

  • Size 7 Inner circumference 54 mm // inner diameter 17.3 mm

  • Size 7.5 Inner circumference 55.6 mm // inner diameter 17.7 mm

  • Size 8 Inner circumference 57.2 mm // inner diameter 18.1 mm

  • Size 8.5 Inner circumference 57.8 mm // inner diameter 18.5 mm

  • Size 9 Inner circumferenceg 58.7 mm // inner diameter 19 mm

  • Size 9.5 Inner circumference 60.3 mm // inner diameter 19.4 mm

  • Size 10 Inner circumference 61.9 mm // inner diameter 19.8 mm

  • Size 10.5 Inner circumference 63.5 mm // inner diameter 20.2 mm

  • Size 11 Inner circumference 65.1 mm // inner diameter 20.6 mm

  • Size 11.5 Inner circumference 65.9 mm // inner diameter 21 mm

  • Size 12 Inner circumference 66.7 mm // inner diameter 21.4 mm

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