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7 Things you didn’t know about gold plating

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Gold. It’s festive, mesmerizing, luxurious, and perfect with almost any look. But you already knew that, so here are 7 new things you may not have already discovered about gold plating:

1. Gold plated jewelry is usually made of a metal called brass, that is then plated with gold

2. The coating is created using a chemical process, in which the jewel is immersed in a “gold bath”

(a true jewelry spa😂)

3. The quality of the coating depends on its thickness, as well as how long the jewelry piece spends in the “bathtub.” The longer the tub time = the better the quality of coating.

4. Most of the coatings available on the market today are either ‘flash coatings’ (very thin and lower quality) or ‘thicker coatings’ (the thickness index is called microns)

5. Carat is the measure that determines how much pure gold is in a piece of jewelry. These measurements range from 9K to 24K.

6. The coating we make is a 24K nickel-free micron coating. This means people who are sensitive to the material can wear the jewelry comfortably and without worries.

7. Even gold-plated jewelry can lose some of it's sparkle, but if kept properly, it can stay in excellent condition for a long time.

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